Important notice for our valued customers, partners, and suppliers:

We have been informed that company-internal data may have been compromised through cybercrime in recent days.
Further details are being investigated.

Please be mindful of possible internet fraud (“phishing,” “spoofing,” etc.) in your communications.

Do not feel pressured if someone contacts you in our name whom you do not know or cannot clearly identify as us.

Be wary of

  • fraudulent emails, 
  • potentially forged invoices,
  • communicated changes to our bank account details, or similar.

Our company is registered in Germany our IBAN numbers begin with “DE” and did not change. 

Our email addresses end with … or …

Feel free to contact the head-office in case of doubt on +49 (0) 78 41 / 69 37 – 0 or the contact known to you.