GMC 8022

Gas measuring computer/Controller

GMC 8022

The GMC 8022 controller is a gas measuring computer for DIN rail mounting.

The GMC 8022 is used in conjunction with up to 2 sensors with 4 to 20 mA signal output. GMC 8022 is used to display and trigger protective measures.

The GMC 8022 has a measuring function certificate BVS 03 ATEX G007 X.

It is suitable for use in areas of functional safety according to SIL1.

Technical data

  • up to 2 measuring points
  • 2 Alarm thresholds
  • Outputs
    – Alarm 1, 2
    – Horn
    – Malfunction

  • Concentration display
  • Mikroprocessor-Technology
  • Standard field distributor and control cabinet assembly
  • EC type examination according to RL 2014/34/EU,
  • Measurement function for flammable gases:
    BVS 03 ATEX G007 X


Datasheet GMC 8022

Weitere Auswertegeräte

GMC 8420

The GMC 8420 is a convenient evaluation system for wall mounting, which can be operated without further internal wiring.

It can manage up to 4 measuring points.

GMC 8022 E

The GMC 8022 E is a gas measuring computer for mounting in a 19″ rack housing.

Measuring function:
BVS 03 ATEX G 007 X


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