GMC 8420

Gas measuring computer/Controller

GMC 8420

The GMC 8420 evaluation unit is a convenient evaluation system for wall mounting, which can be operated without further internal wiring.

The GMC 8420 can be used directly for alarming due to its internal signal generator, or it can control external signal generators.

Up to four measuring points can be connected. All our 4 – 20 mA sensors are suitable for this. The RK 8420 was developed for further functionality. It has four freely programmable relay outputs for alarm 1,2 and horn.

The GMC 8420 was developed for the connection of measuring probes in EX zone 2.

Technical data

  • up to 4 measuring points
  • 2 alarm levels and additional horn output
  • Alarm signaling by built-in signal generator

  • Concentration display
  • Wall mounting
  • Extension RK 8420


Datasheet GMC 8420

Other Controllers

GMC 8022

The GMC 8022 is a gas measuring computer for up to 2 measuring points. It is designed for mounting on top-hat rails.

Measuring function:
BVS 03 ATEX G 007 X

GMC 8022 E

The GMC 8022 E is a gas measuring computer for mounting in a 19″ rack housing.

Measuring function:
BVS 03 ATEX G 007 X


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