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Safety devices and protective measures against hazardous gases and vapors are becoming increasingly important. Increasing awareness of the problem, more detailed research and knowledge of the dangers that can arise when using these substances are some of the reasons for the development of our gas detection and warning systems.

Two characteristics are particularly important for the objective assessment of the hazard:

  • Explosiveness of the gas/vapor/air mixture.
  • Harmfulness to health (toxicity) of the gases and vapors


The sensor reacts to special gases or gas types. It is selected and adjusted according to the application. Sensors with heat tone gas sensor (pellistor), semiconductor gas sensor, infrared gas sensor or with electrochemical measuring cell are available for this purpose.

Evaluation unit

The evaluation unit supplies the sensors with the operating voltage and compares the sensor signal with the individual alarm thresholds. If the concentration rises above the set alarm threshold, this is indicated visually by the corresponding LED and the connected measures are initiated.

In this way, optical and acoustic detectors, safety valves and fans can be activated, even a message, to a fault location, via mobile radio is possible.

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